The Guide to Heather Fabrics

What’s a heather fabric?

In short, a heather fabric is made of a mixture of fibers. This gives the fabric a speckled look. For example, if you look closely at our heather charcoal henleys, you’ll notice specks of white mixed in with the charcoal. This is because it’s made of 50% cotton / 50% polyester. This blend is just one of the many variations a heather fabric can be comprised of.

When should I wear heather clothes?

Whenever you want to!  Heather fabric is used in a number of different clothing items, and it provides a stylish and often versatile option.  You can choose to wear a heather t-shirt at home, or a heather button-down to a nice dinner. 

How does heather fabric affect fit?

Since heather fabric can be made of a variety of materials, its effect on fit will vary. A fabric blend that includes polyester typically gives clothes more stretch, especially compared to a woven fabric made of 100% cotton. Fabric can vary so much that it’s important to try on clothes whenever you can to see what you think of the fit.  And make sure to check each care guide that goes along with your clothes!

How do I maintain heather clothes?

We typically recommend a cold water wash and a tumble dry on low to keep your clothes fresh, but this depends on your clothes care guide. As a general primer, the higher the heat you use when washing and drying will wear on your clothes more.