Chino Pants: Khaki Edition

Khaki chino pants have become a menswear staple. Chinos started out as attire for military troops in the 1800s has grown into an article of clothing that comes in many sizes, colors, and even fabrics. They’re so versatile, in fact, that many menswear brands have offered a “performance” version made from fabrics normally reserved for gym attire. 

In this guide, we’re going to dive deeper into what makes our chinos different and provide some deeper insight into how you should be wearing them. We’ll cover how they should fit, what colors you should wear with them, what you should pair them with, and lastly what activities they’re suited for.

On fit:


The waist of your chinos should be a snug, but flexible fit. Our chinos are made with 3% Elastane, which gives them enough stretch for you to comfortably move around.


Our chinos have a low rise, which allows them to sit lower on your waist. This gives them a more casual look that gives you the flexibility to dress them up or down.  


When it comes to the thigh-area of your pants, the fit should be tight enough to hug your thighs without be restrictive. A good test for this is to, while wearing your pants, pinch the fabric and see how much is excess. Typically, an inch of excess fabric is a happy middle ground for a slim cut. 


The legs of your chinos should follow the same rules as the thighs — they should hug your calves without being restrictive. A slim cut chino, like ours, will pass the pinch test around the thickest part of your lower leg. 

On colors:


Khaki and white are a classic color combination you can’t go wrong with. 


Pairing navy with khaki is a good way to remain neutral without being too bland. 

Olive Green

Olive green and khaki is a great color combination for the fall season. The richness of the green works well with khaki to give you a warmer look overall.


If you want to spice things up in your outfit, burgundy is a great color with a rich tone that, along with khaki, gives you a warm, calming presence.


Black is a classic color to wear khaki with when you’re going after darker tones. Make sure you balance it out with a lighter colored accessory, however. A good way to do this is a light colored jacket or pair of shoes.

On pairings:

Elevated Casual

Since chinos are pants that instantly elevate any clothing item, wearing khaki chino pants with a t-shirt can be a great way to elevate your weekend look. Whether you’re running errands, taking a walk in the park, or meeting up with friends and colleagues for brunch, wearing a khaki pair of chinos will give you the responsible look you’re going for. 

Smart Casual

A great way to wear khaki chino pants in a smart casual way is by adding a blazer on top of a solid color t-shirt or a bomber over an oxford button-down.

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Business Casual

When you’re trying to make a great first impression for a job interview or first day at work, wearing a pair of khaki chinos with a blazer and dress shoes is a great way to do that. Wear a brown or khaki blazer with brown or black dress shoes to accomplish this look.

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On activities:

For your days off

When you’re running errands on your off-days, wearing a solid pair of chinos is a great choice. Pair this with a solid color t-shirt or henley and you have an elevated casual look.

For when you want to look professional

Depending on your profession, chinos are a great choice for your office uniform. Change colors everyday and it’ll seem like you have an endless number of chinos in your wardrobe. 

For your fancy dinner dates

Dressing to impress applies to the dating world, especially when it comes to dates in the evening. When you’re planning to attend a fancy, upscale place for dinner, it’s important to look the part. Wear our khaki chinos with a button-down or dress shirt and an outer layer of your choice. 

When deciding what to wear with our khaki chinos, it’s important to understand that regardless of what you choose, chinos will elevate your look. This means, if you’re aiming for a smart casual look, you can wear a typically casual item such as a t-shirt and still be able to pull it off. However, this isn’t without limitations, as personal style is a subjective thing. Ultimately, we hope this guide gave you a foundation with which you can base your future outfit choices. 

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