Valentine’s Day Style Guide

Whether you find yourself in a brand new relationship or are celebrating many years with your Valentine, it’s important to impress on Valentine’s Day. 

While dinner reservations and flowers are important, it’s also important to dress to impress for the occasion. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite outfits for the big day.

Creating an outfit takes time, effort, and strategy. We’re here to help!

Table of Contents:

What NOT to wear

There are a few general rules to Valentine’s Day outfits. Keep these DON’Ts in mind when it comes to what to wear for your Valentine’s Day plans.

Don’t wear baggy clothes

Baggy clothes are a huge turn-off. If your clothes are too big for your body, it’s noticeable. Everyone looks better in clothes that are the right size and a slimmer fit that isn’t too tight and still allows you to be comfortable is the best option for most men.

Don’t look sloppy

This rule is a catch-all for your overall appearance. Your hair, your teeth, your accessories, and most definitely your clothes. You should put just as much consideration into your outfit as you do your Valentine’s Day plans and gifts! The day is about showing love and impressing your Valentine, so don’t skimp on your outfit.

General Rules

Dial in the fit

As we alluded to above, the fit of your clothing matters. A lot. For in-depth guidance, check out our clothing fit guides.

Don’t feel obligated to wear red and pink

While it can be tempting to wear a completely red and pink outfit, we suggest to keep the red and pink Valentine’s Day colors to accents at most. A red or pink tie can be a fun accessory depending on the outfit, but don’t feel obligated to dress the Valentine’s Day theme. What’s most important is that your clothes look and fit great!

Dress it up

While it might be acceptable to wear a t-shirt on a normal date night, this is Valentine’s Day. This is a time to show your date exactly how much you love and care for them, including dressing more fancy than usual! Typically, your plans will dictate a more formal outfit than a normal date night anyways!

Outfit Ideas

Here are our Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for you: 

Outfit 1: Fancy Dinner

Featured: Grey ChinosHeather Ash Grey Everyday ShirtCharcoal Crew-Neck Sweater

This is an elevated look perfect for your Valentine’s Day dinner and drink plans. Our Heather Ash Grey Everyday Shirt is an ideal base layer to any great outfit, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Then, our Charcoal Crew Neck Sweater is the perfect soft and warm sweater. Finish the outfit with our Grey Chino Pants, which are formal enough to impress your Valentine.

Outfit 2: More Casual

Featured: Greyhound Everyday ShirtDenim Chore JacketMidtown Jeans

This outfit is perfect for more casual Valentine’s Day plans. Our Midtown Jeans paired with the Denim Chore Jacket creates a polished look when layered with our Greyhound Everyday Shirt. Whether your plans are a walk around the park or a movie night, this outfit is perfect for any casual plans.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whatever your plans, we hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day spending time with the one you love. While you are making dinner reservations and ordering flowers, take some time to plan our your best Valentine’s Day outfit. With our advice, you’re sure to dress to impress!