Chinos for Short Men

This is a guest post written by Style Crew ambassador, Ivan Martinez. 

Chinos are one of the most important pieces in a man’s wardrobe. They’re a great choice for an elevated casual look, and they’re incredibly versatile. Dressed up or down, chinos are a staple piece in a sharply dressed man’s wardrobe. 

Where Did Chinos Come From?

Like many menswear pieces, chinos come from a military background. The first known use of chinos was during the Spanish American War when they were part of the Army’s uniform. The cotton they used to make the pants was imported from China, which, funnily enough, would be how they came up with the name “chino” (chino is Spanish for Chinese). 

Common Fit Mistakes

Mistake #1: Too Long

The most common mistake men make with their pants’ size is wearing pants that are too long. You can tell if your pants are too long by how many breaks there are at your ankle. If there is more than one full break, then your pants are too long. 

Mistake #2: Too Baggy

Another common mistake men make is not wearing the proper cut of pants. There are many types of cuts such as regular, slim, and skinny, and our suggestion is to wear a cut that surrounds your legs but doesn’t constrict your movement. For most, a slim tapered cut will work wonders. 

Mistake #3: Wrong Proportions

For us shorter men, buying clothes just to have them altered at the tailor is the go-to fix to a common problem. But for some of us, this isn’t actually solving the problem! Pants are constructed for the taller man (over 5’8”), so a simple hem won’t change the foundation of the pants. Taller men have longer legs, so the knee area, pockets, rise, etc are constructed with those proportions in mind. If you’re 5’5” and you wear pants that have proportions designed for a man who’s 5’9”, it looks wrong. 

Mistake #4: Quality of Material

The material that chinos are made of is an important factor in how long they last. When you skimp on quality, you’ll inevitably find yourself paying more in the long run because you’ll end up buying more pairs. The higher quality chinos you buy, the longer they’ll last you.    

Wearing and Styling Chinos


Here I wore a white t-shirt and a wool sweater with some green chinos and casual sneakers. This is a great look for a normal day out on the town running errands. 

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Business Casual

Here is another Ash & Erie model in a great business casual outfit. Khaki chinos with a quarter-zip sweater and button-down oxford shirt make for a great combo.
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Smart Casual

Here I paired the khaki chinos with a few extra layers — a v-neck sweater and a blazer. I also decided to add a bright colored tie and pocket square to accessorize the look. This is a great smart casual outfit if you want to look put-together but add a fashionable spin to your outfit. 

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The greatest part of Ash & Erie is not only the great fit but the abundance of options when it comes to your inseam. No matter your height or style it’s tough to find an inseam that fits you off the rack and most times you need to take pants in for tailoring, so not only are you paying to purchase the pants, you also have to pay a tailor for the fit that you initially wanted. Don’t spend more than you have to or the perfect fit gents.

Ivan Martinez is a men’s lifestyle and style blogger based out of Minneapolis, MN. Ivan’s personal style is focused on highlighting classic, timeless pieces and adding in a twist of modern fashion.

Check out his page here: @iammrmartinez

The Ash & Erie Difference

Building From Scratch

We’ve poured a tremendous amount of work into developing our chinos, and we hope you can feel the difference when you put it on. We work with great mills to source our cotton, and our development process is unmatched.