How to Wear a Henley Shirt

What is a Henley?

Henley shirts are a stylistic choice for many, and when pulled off correctly, they elevate your style a few notches. Henleys are a versatile fashion choice that can be worn for a diverse set of occasions. They can also be worn alone or layered for a more polished look.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what a henley is, how it should fit, and how you can style it. 

The Henley — How it should fit


The neck of your henley should never be tight enough to constrict your breathing, but it shouldn’t be so loose as to be considered a “scoop” neck either. A well-fitting henley’s neck portion should be in close diameter to the width of your neck. Henleys do have a placket, however, which means you can button or unbutton as many or as few buttons as you want. The number of buttons you choose to have buttoned/unbuttoned is a choice of preference, but we suggest unbuttoning one button.

Body Length

The body length of a henley should end around the middle portion of your pants’ fly, and it should do this with minimal, if any, bunching. 


While there are some henleys that are short sleeves, we’re choosing to discuss long sleeve henleys. As with any long sleeve, the sleeves should end near your wrists where your wrist meets your hand. There should be minimal bunching as well.  


One last factor to take into consideration is the fabric of the henley itself. The fabric is important because the material dictates the stretch factor of the shirt as well as the durability. With the right fabric, your henley will retain its fit through many washes.

Common Fit Mistakes

Common Fit Mistake #1: Body length is too long 

The body length is one of the most important pieces of a henley to get right. If the henley is too long in the body, then bunching will occur and it will make you look shorter.

Common Fit Mistake #2: Sleeves are too long

Along with the body, the sleeve length is another important aspect of your henleys’ fit. If the sleeve length is too long, then the sleeves themselves will bunch up and look unkempt. 

Common Fit Mistake #3: Proportions are wrong

Most henleys are designed for men with the average height of 5’10”. Even with smaller sizes, the proportions aren’t very complimentary for shorter men. 

Common Fit Mistake #4: It’s not good quality

Great quality clothing lasts a long time, and more importantly it holds its fit over time. Choosing a henley that isn’t made of quality material may not prove to be a mistake in the short term, but over time it will wear out and you’ll have to repeat the buying process all over again. We suggest making the investment in a henley made from quality material sooner, rather than later.

The Ash & Erie Difference

Building From Scratch

We’ve poured a tremendous amount of work into developing our henleys, and we hope you can feel the difference when you put it on. Our fabric is sourced from the best mills in the country so that you can have the quality you deserve.