How a Polo Shirt Should Fit

Polo Shirt Fit Guide

This is Ash & Erie’s official guide to how a polo shirt should fit. Worn in a variety of settings, the polo shirt is a versatile piece of clothing that you can wear to work, a party, or even the tennis court.

Polo shirts are what would happen if t-shirts decided to get fancy and level up. What used to be the representation of elite fashion, polo shirts have evolved to become much more of a staple in the everyday man’s closet. As such, there are a few key rules on how a polo shirt should fit.

In this guide, we’ll go over the main ones, but first, let’s go over the most common mistakes men make when wearing a polo shirt.

Common Fit Mistakes

As with most shirts, the body length of a polo is typically too long. Most polos (and clothes) are made for taller men, so they end up looking too long and make the person wearing it look shorter. Sleeve length is similar, where a sleeve that is too long will make arms look shorter than they are as well.

Another mistake men make is by having a baggy fit. A little bit of space between the shirt and your body is great, but if you overdo it, it ends up looking like you’re wearing a polo shirt two sizes too big. Whatever your body type, you want your polo to compliment your shape. This often means opting for a slimmer cut than what you would normally go with.

Long Sleeves

The sleeve of a polo shirt should end in the middle of your upper arm, about an inch or two below where your shoulder meets your biceps. Any longer than this length isn’t preferable, but it’s a point of preference. We generally suggest that if you have “guns,” then show them off! 

Body is Too Long

Another mistake men make when wearing polos is wearing one where the body length is too long. Polos made by larger companies are generally made with the average height (5’10”) in mind, which makes a polo’s body length too long for us shorter men. 

Baggy Fit

The next common fit mistake is a baggy fit. Polos usually don’t have a Slim or Standard option, so this mistake comes down to the size of the polo you buy. While you don’t want your polo to be tight and restrictive, you want it to hug and compliment your body. 

Quality of Material

Since a polo shirt is a knit item, the material it’s made of will impact how much it will stretch, how many washes it will last, and generally how durable the shirt itself is. We don’t suggest skimping on the quality of your polo. 

The Anatomy of a Polo Shirt

The Neck

The neck of a polo shirt is usually worn with at least the top button unbuttoned, so when shopping for a polo shirt, you don’t have to worry about neck size as much as you normally would when it comes to a dress shirt.

The Shoulders

The shoulders of a polo shirt should be right in line with your shoulder bone. This is how you’re able to tell if a polo shirt is too big or small for your body. If this isn’t the case, it’s a very difficult alteration to make. We suggest getting this part of the fit right so that you don’t have to deal with any returns. 

Body Length

This is the part of the polo shirt where you don’t want it to be too long. Most polos – and clothes in general – are made for taller men, so your polo will look too long and sloppy without any alterations. Polos are usually worn untucked, so you want to avoid any bunching that may happen due to a length that is too long. The bottom of your polo shirt should end around the midpoint of your pants zipper. If it’s too long, your polo will start to bunch up. If it’s too short, it won’t look flattering, even on us shorter men.

The Arms

As with a t-shirt, the arms of the polo shirt should fit well in both its width and length. While you don’t want the arms of your shirt to be restrictive, you also don’t want the width to be so baggy that it ends up making your arms look super skinny. When it comes to the length, the sleeves should end around the midpoint of your upper arm. 

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